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TexGen executables are available on Sourceforge and the latest version can be downloaded here. From version 3.6.0 the default Windows download is the 64-bit version. Select the "Files" tab on the download page to see all download options, including the 32-bit version.


Which version?

As of version 3.2.0 you have a choice between two versions: texgen-3.x.x.exe and texgen-bundle-3.x.x.exe. TexGen requires the Python interpreter to be installed in order to run. The standard installation package named texgen-3.x.x.exe does not include Python and the Python interpreter must be preinstalled manually. The bundle installation package comes with the Python interpreter which means that no separate Python installation is required.

As of version 3.5.2 a 64 bit build of the bundled version is also available.

From version 3.8.1 TexGen has been built with Python27 to provide compatibility if calling TexGen scripts from within Abaqus 6.14. There seem to be issuses with the bundled versions on some machines and therefore version 3.8.2 has been released with bundled versions for both Python26 and Python27. If Python27 is required and the bundled version does not run this can be rectified by installing Python27 from here:

If you don't know what Python is or you won't be using it for anything other than TexGen then the bundle package is recommended. For experienced users, the standard installation package is preferable since it will integrate itself with an existing python installation giving existing Python scripts access to TexGen.

Citing TexGen

We would also be grateful if you could acknowledge use of TexGen where appropriate and suggest using one of the following references:

A C Long and L P Brown. Composite reinforcements for optimum performance: Modelling the geometry of textile reinforcements for composites: TexGen, edited by P Boisse, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-84569-965-9.

Lin, H., Brown, L. P. & Long, A. C. 2011. Modelling and Simulating Textile Structures using TexGen. Advanced Materials Research, 331, 44-47.

To reference version 3.10.0 please use: Brown, Louise P, & Sherburn, Martin. (2017, December 13). louisepb/TexGen: TexGen v3.10.0 (Version v3.10.0). Zenodo.

Script Library

A selection of sample TexGen scripts for different types of textiles can be found on GitHub TexGenScripts. If you have scripts which you have written which you think would be of use to other users, and are willing to share, please send them to Louise Brown ( and we will add them to the library.

Feedback and help

Please leave a message on the TexGen forum if you find TexGen to be a useful tool. We are very interested to hear about research conducted with TexGen. The forum is also the place to ask questions, make comments and generally discuss about TexGen with other users. Please note that if you join the forum there may be a slight delay before your membership is approved. We will try to do this as quickly as possible but it is unfortunately necessary due to recent problems with spammers.

Specific bug reports, feature requests and patches are always welcome and should be directed to the sourceforge trackers.

If you make use of TexGen in your work and publications please could you make it known on the forum. This will both help other users and publicise your work.

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